boiling poppySyrup Launch Project

I created this video for the track boiling poppySyrup for musical friend Sjoerd Leijten (who operates under the guise Schmink). It features very heavy contrasted footage of smoke and boiling water drops, among others, all of which I shot with my Canon 550D DSLR. For some effects I shot footage at 60fps (the maximum setting on this camera) which I then interpreted at 12.5fps, slowing time down at a factor of 4.8x. I shot the footage of the boiling water pit, the smoking opening in the ground and the moss in Iceland. The effect of water droplets bouncing around on a hot stove without vaporizing immediately is called the Leidenfrost effect. This means on direct contact of the water droplet with the hot material it creates a thin layer of water vapor that protects the droplet from vaporizing further for a short amount of time.