In February 2020 I traveled to Beirut for two weeks, and also hiked in the south of the country for three days. It turns out that hiking is not an ideal situation for having a big camera around your neck, so that trip is not featured here. While in Beirut I walked through most of the city, sometimes at night to catch the myriad colored lights that are opportunities for amazing photographs.
On 24 February I was present at the government protests at and around Martyr’s Square. Protesters wanted to prevent parliament to give the new government the vote of confidence by surrounding parliament, letting no parliamentarians enter the building and thus preventing a quorum to be reached. The government had encircled the parliament building with a concrete wall to secure the area. Some protesters were hurling rocks over the concrete wall and the riot police answered with water cannons and tear gas pellets.
The first week I stayed at Antoine’s place, a French actor and painter who invited me to a nighttime photo session on his rooftop with some white props, including his white bear suit. As an actor he is quite an expressive guy and we took some cool pictures. I had a lovely time staying at his place, and in Lebanon in general.